The first step

I started having back pain a couple of months ago, and when it had become unbearable, I decided to go to the doctor’s office. After several tests and an X-ray, it became clear that I was suffering from osteophytes, which are small-sized calcium and other minerals deposits in my lower back area. I bought a small massage device that I could use for myself or with the help of my wife. I applied all sorts of gels and other anti-inflammatory ointments and for a while, things had started to become a lot better.

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However, several weeks ago, I started having the same pesky pain all over again. Finally, when I asked my physician for another way of dealing with the problem, he recommended me to get into a light sport, do a bit of jogging, or create an exercise routine at home. My problem, just like the one of many other people all over the world, was that I spent way too many hours in a chair at work. I had also put on some pounds over the past couple of years that I didn’t seem to shed regardless of the regimens and diets I tried. Fortunately for me, things weren’t so severe.

After doing some exercise at home and looking for online resources in this sense, one of my friends asked me if I didn’t want to take up soccer. I was excited, to say the least, mostly because this was a neat way of spending my spare time. I could make new friends and get together with the boys every Wednesday evening when everyone seemed to have a bit of time off from work. I was never a huge fan of soccer since I used to play football in high school. Even so, I realized that this was by far the best way of getting the light exercise I needed so much.

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I started looking for the proper equipment for the sport and eventually, I decided to ask for my friend’s opinion on the matter and even go with him to a store. I got some of the cheapest shin guards, shoes, and clothes, partly because I didn’t know just how much soccer would help me deal with my problem, and partly because I wasn’t aware of the fact that this training would go on for a while. I started loving soccer so much that I wanted to meet up with the guys even more often, although we didn’t seem to synchronize our schedules to make it happen. In the summer, we go to a nearby soccer field where we’re free to have as many matches as we feel like. During the winter, we have to pay a subscription to a soccer studio, but it’s worth every penny as we have a lot more fun than we would if we were to go to a gym.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my workout routine. I feel healthier and have managed to get back in shape, and my back pain is a notion of the past. For me, soccer made the whole difference both in terms of health and socializing with my buddies.