Eating healthier and exercising more

I’ve wanted to get back in shape for many years now, but due to my hectic schedule, I was never able to make some changes in my diet and exercise routine. In fact, I didn’t have any workout routine to speak of, given that I used to get home from work and spend the night watching television until I finally dozed off on the couch. I struggled with my weight and insomnia for a long time, and I dramatically wanted to change something about my lifestyle.

Getting started is always tough. Hang in there!

Recently, I started watching several bodybuilders on YouTube. While many people aren’t aware of this, the online environment is filled with useful info that you can use so that you slowly start being healthy again. There are a plethora of individuals who put up videos on a daily basis, about their diet and the most efficient ways of losing weight. I came across many popular diets, ranging from the South Beach Diet to the Ketogenic one. I didn’t want a regimen that was strictly based on a group of nutrients while completely leaving out the rest. From what I gathered, the Dukan Diet gives amazing results but I find it hard to believe that eating just meat and a limited amount of oats for as many as ten to twelve days can be healthy.

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Learning how to eat well

I started by including some fresh vegetables and fruit into my diet, although I hardly am a fan of plums, apricots, bananas, or any other sugar-filled fruit. I have a grill in my backyard, and while I used to cook just burgers and grilled steak, I started grilling my veggies as well. With a bit of sauce and seasoning, these things can turn into delicious dishes. At first, I lost around ten pounds or so but then I started plateauing. Since I didn’t eat any fat or too much protein, I started asking around and doing a bit of research as to why I didn’t lose any more weight. Based on the info that I found, it seems that the human body is designed in such a way that it will resist to changes and so I decided to include a weekly cheat meal where I enjoyed a burger or a fatty steak. I know that some people say that the Ketogenic diet is the bomb, but I didn’t think it so because there were ketogenic dieters who ate up to six eggs per day and that couldn’t have been healthy.

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As for the exercise, since I didn’t want to spend any money on a gym subscription, I decided to work out at home. I have a stationary bike that I use for up to fifteen minutes every day, which seemed enough effort at the beginning. Then, I decided to take my routine to another level by integrating a bit of Zumba. Since I’m not just focused on losing the weight but also on building up some muscle, I use two water bottles that I hold in my hands all throughout my exercise. Once I’m done with 30 minutes of Zumba, I start doing push-ups, crunches, and various other simple exercises for up to 30 minutes, as well. So now, after reading also a few articles from ( a website I highly recommend) I work out for around 75 minutes every day. The neat thing about this routine is that you can watch TV while you perform it.

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